Custom Furniture Solutions

At Court Street Office Furniture, we believe that customizing is about working as a team.

Since every workplace and business is unique, we offer a multitude of customization options to ensure your furniture is relevant to your needs. And our goal is to provide you the liberty to choose the design and material that works best for you.


Select the fabric that complements your unique preferences for comfort, durability, and design. We have an array of upholstery available, including leather, velvet, and many more.


We offer each furniture line’s full palette of colors. And on top of that, you can mix, match, and even request a special color-matching service to enhance your workplace branding and style.


You can personalize every aspect of your office furniture’s design, including increased storage, ergonomic features, built-in lighting, and any other specifications that will significantly enhance its functionality and appearance.


You can freely express your creativity and ideas from our diverse selection of textile and surface finishes, along with custom materials from top industry manufacturers that are accredited beyond standards.


Add accessibility that improves the overall function and design of your furnishings. Acquire personalized branding options such as logo engraving to emphasize your company’s brand identity, adjustable features like extendable armrests, and integrated technology like charging ports, power outlets, and cable management systems.


Modify the height, width, and depth of your furniture to ensure that it fits perfectly to your preference and space. Whether you’re looking for a modest executive desk or a large conference table, we’ve got you covered.