From filing system colors to the layout of work stations, choice is the key work in furniture selection. Technology has expanded our choices today in almost dimension of  life, and while that’s liberating in some ways, it can also be overwhelming. At Court Street Furniture, we help find sort through the options. We’ll recommend the products that we think are right for you, and guide you to the manufacturers and brands that best suit your budget.

If you’re working with a designer or architect, we’ll work with them to coordinate your office furnishings with lighting, wall coverings, and flooring systems. We can also recommend our own interior designer if you need more comprehensive professional guidance.

You can customize and coordinate many aspects of your office furniture, including:

Finish and material

Choose furniture and surface finishes in wood, metal, laminate, and fabric


From leather to vinyl mesh, we offer hundreds of styles and textures. We can even offer custom textiles for your furniture, created by third party manufacturers


Not only do we offer each furniture line’s full palette of colors, you can mix, match, and even request special color-matching service from many of our manufacturers.

Furniture detail

From the design of drawer handles and hardware, to the desk edges and partition syles, you can customize the design details of your office furniture according to your use, comofort, and preference.


We can add cusom logos to certain fabrics, install electrical systems, [a few other examples of high end customization.]

To learn more about our custom solutions visit our products page or call us at (516)387-2625.