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Healthcare settings require furniture that's not only efficient and long-lasting but are also designed to improve the patient experience. We're here to support you in meeting the needs of patients, families, and healthcare professionals.

We furnish your entire project

We take pride in ensuring that every aspect of your furniture—from design to installation—is thoroughly planned and executed.

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Achieve superior design, function, comfort, and more! Using cutting-edge technology, we make it easier for you to envision your finished spaces. Court Street offers a complete furnishing solution, from measurement and design to installation.

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Visualize your space and explore diverse furniture pieces that will suit your needs.

We partner with furniture brands that are committed to innovation and meeting the demands of the healthcare industry.

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Make the healthy choice

Our furniture solutions prioritize comfort, health, and wellness. That expands your options from ergonomic seating to anti-microbial surfaces.

Let us take care of the work

We are equally dedicated to giving you high-quality furniture as we are to delivering a stress-free furnishing experience.


Incorporating patient-centered design and furniture, which focuses on the needs and interests of the patients, can promote patient satisfaction and outcomes. This design also improves your staff's comfort and productivity by bringing a pleasant work environment.

Transform your space and see the difference!

Your healthcare furniture is essential to your patients, their families, and healthcare professionals.

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The furnishings and structure are precisely what we wanted; they made our workplace seem more welcoming, and the staff enjoyed it!

The brand-new lounge area is fantastic. Our employees like spending time there because of the sophisticated and comfortable couches.

“Phenomenal job!

Amazing team! I’m impressed with how patient they were in achieving what I have envisioned for my company’s office.

Quincy S.
Austin, Texas
“Phenomenal job!

The lounge is now a favorite spot for our team. The colors complemented our peaceful scenery outdoors and simply made the place stand out.

Quincy S.
Austin, Texas

The consultants were very competent and skilled at what they do. My office turned out better than how I would ever envision it to be, thanks to their help.

Excellent work! The furniture we received is in top condition. Employees can focus entirely on their tasks thanks to their expertly designed workstations.