Initial Design Consultation

Here at Court Street, we believe that each office space is unique and requires its own distinct design.

That's why we offer a free and simple initial consultation with our team of design experts on hand to help you get started.

Here's how it works:

Contact Our Team

Once you contact us by email or phone, we can discuss how we can support you and arrange an initial consultation.

Site Visit

During this process, our consultant will assess your space, perform a thorough inspection, and proceed to discuss your needs.

Discussing Your Needs

We want to meet your requirements and goals for this project by knowing the following:

  • The primary purpose of the space
  • Specific functions or ergonomic requirements you might need
  • The nature of your business and the needs of your workforce
  • Budget for the project
  • Design and preferences
  • Timeline for the project

Knowing Your Options

Once we have a clear understanding of your goals, our team is ready to present you with a curated selection of options from the top brands we work with that will be perfect for your space.