The planning phase is when we finalize office furnishing product selections, place your furniture in a site specific plan, and create a preliminary estimate–always working within your budget and time frame to get you the very best solutions.

At this stage we, we rely on as much or as little input as you’d like to give. Assuming you’ve made your preliminary selections of finishes, fabrics, colors and styles, we produce 2D and 3D drawings so you can see exactly what your furnishings choices will look like. Based on our drawings and renderings, we can review and revise your choices.

For larger projects, we can even work directly with our manufacturers specifications departments to develop complex floor plans and more customized product options.

This hands-on stage is meant to provide our clients with the very best solution for their space and budget.

If you have an interior deisgner, office manager, or principal who wants to be involved, they become a part of our process with ongoing communication between your firm and ours, according to your comfort level and availability.

Our planning stage includes, depending on your needs:

  1. Product Detailing
  2. Development of 2D and 3D drawings
  3. Visual room and product renderings
  4. Visits to manufacturers’ showrooms
  5. Swatches of upholstry, laminate, metal finishes and more.
  6. Revisions and development of furniture and space concepts.

At Court Street Furniture, we’re flexible enough to be able to accommodate simple single office purchases all the way to large multi-site office projects.

At the end of the planning stage we deliver a preliminary estimate. After we are finished upddating project details, layouts, and product choices, we provide a final firm quote that accurately reflects your final selected products.